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Blue Flower paintings

From the top down...Blue Flower oil on canvas 48 x 60 ", Ocean's Child and Tsunami oil on canvas 48 x 60", Sculpture: Ocean's Child edition of 7 polished cast bronze,  On the Beach in San Onofre oil on canvas 36 x 48" , Kubla Khan The White Horse  oil on canvas 48 x 60".These paintings are available. 

Song of the KhanI.


The Earth is sweet again; the greenness is soft to my mouth

The Sky is a new Blue; it melts with the Sea, and becomes my new Horizon

The Sun is warm on my back, the darkness of my winter shelter fades

The Zephyr stokes my mane, and kisses my face with soft sounds of my lost love.


“My Year is here again, it greets me with The Hill

The strength of my resolve flees before me beckoning

I stand looking at the memories gliding up the winding path

I hear my lost friends, their hooves tapping the “young song”


The luminous eye looks into my soul

His sweet face a mirror of his Arabian heritage

A hundred years in horse chronology is his age

His human father tells me his story


“We call him Kublai Khan”, Khan for short

He is the last of his kind in the San Luis Rey

He “Keeps” the Valley

We know that his time on this hill dances with the west wind”.


The sun shines through the mists and he is alone

Mystical in his presence, my morning joy is seeing him there

Many know of him, he knows all of us…

He is the wild spirit in our hearts


“I light the Valley for You

My flight will begin soon

The destiny of my race is your future

The Sun grows warmer on my back”  

“The clouds are my friends

Watching the purity of their flight

I remember when the zephyr was the melody of the San Luis Rey

I look down the hill and feel the vibrations of steel horse”


“The year is new and The Hill still beckons, it is not as steep now…

The grass sweeter than ever before but tastes of salty tears

Zephyrs sing in my memories, my love kissing my closed eyes

My Friends wait just up the hill…


Ruth Jameson 1994


He did climb the ( his ) hill one last time on the morning of his death in October 1994

He was 36 years old. He was buried there by the Century Plant over looking the San Rey Luis Valley the 76 expressway which now thunders through his Elysian Fields…


The Unsleep Paintings


The Blue Flower is a symbol of Nuclear Power and all of the issues therein. It is beautiful, this blue flower, but dangerous in its power. When we moved to San Diego County years ago, and driving by San Onofre,  the beauty of the seashore was impacted by the huge plant churning out potential nuclear waste. It is stored there on our seashore in pools of water waiting... 

The Article below was published by The San Diego Union Tribune Newspaper on August 28, 2017.

I have been following this issue since August 1993 when the L.A. Times* wrote a series of articles about Rocky Flats in Colorado. The Blue Flower paintings were inspired by these explosive stories and some of the folks who were involved in the Grand Jury process are still under Federal Gag order. The Rocky Flat site was a DOD site and the San Onofre is DOE, but the issues are the same. Storage of Nuclear Waste is not sustainable in any form with technologies we now utilize and now propose to be implemented along our Coastline where the natural process of corrosion is huge. This storage plan is a disaster in the making.  RJ

A National Web Site with Maps depicting Power Plants of all Kinds…

The ~ Center ~ Womb ~ Birth

About 10 years ago, this very compelling shape sent to me by unknown sources became my signature sign. It just appeared in one of my computer paintings out of the blue... it is my symbol of hope.


I believe that this shape represents the process of our Universe and is the surround of all that we see and what we don’t see, or will ever see, for it is beyond the scope of any known process to access with the technologies our Human origin. I believe that what or who shaped this image/symbol like a human birth place is one with all being.



The White Horse



The Khan Painting is one of several that I made in the Blue Flower Series. The Blue Flower is representational of Nuclear Energy. Waste contamination is inherent in the very existence of nuclear reactor. We store spent rods and hope for the best. This to me is the quandary of our generation…the hoping for the best with very little effort to replace dangerous sources of energy with environmentally sound ways to keep our planet safe needs more than Hope.


We need a Paradigm shift in how we use our planets resources. We should reevaluate our wants vs. our needs as our planets ability to sustain our wants diminish...

The Blue Flower in the early paintings was very small…the Blue Flower in the Khan Painting is just one leaf grown to terrible and destructive proportions….


The Kublai Khan was a real horse. He lived in the San Luis Rey Valley in Oceanside for 36 years…I knew him well… and we loved the blue sky…


The Arch of Ctesiphon in this painting background was built in year 400 A.D. is still the largest brick parabolic arch in the world. It is 115 feet high, and 82 feet wide.


The Ctesiphon arch is a pointed ovoid peculiar to Mesopotamian architecture; it was built using unfired, thin mud bricks which were laid on a slant. This allowed the weight of the bricks to be transmitted to the side walls. The bricks fit perfectly into each other to form a true marvel of architecture.

These intriguing archaeological and architectural treasures that date back to Mesopotamia can be found scattered throughout Iraq, verifying the true skill, talent and expertise of the ancient Mesopotamian architects and builders.

Ruth Jameson 2016

The Unsleep Paintings


Falling asleep for me is a magical state of consciousness. There floating above me are images of dancing shapes which roam across the canvas of my mind. These shapes in my falling state of sleep are black against a gray background. They move slowly sometimes and now and then swiftly as they are running toward a place beyond my earthly realm... the dissolution of these forms always go towards a light in the center then sleep. The state of unknowing is upon me until the dreams begin...


I have chosen to render these image in color, for my awake mind demands this to be so..

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