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In the Studio

Clay Patterns in the Studio before casting. 

Left to right...Desert Dancer 7' tall, self portrait life size, Ocean One 7' cast in bronze except the head. The Desert Dancer site: The Vintage in Palm Springs, Ocean One site: Cardiff by the Sea San Diego County The small horse right, is the finished clay for the foundry to cast.

The Resins 

In the Early Days. I cast my work in resin as it was very cost effective. I completed 13 figures in all , some of them were cast in bronze. 

clockwise from the top, White Scream, Black Torso, Blue Ocean Figure, Black Head, and Pele in Red

From resin to Bronze .. Mold taken from the cast Resin Blue Head The Bronze, "Desert Woman is a unique sculpture the mold was destroyed.  .

The Bronze Commissions  and Editions 

The Sculptures on this page are no longer available for purchase.  I only work on a commission basis for new projects. The White Bronze Horses are one of a kind. They were 20 inches high. They were cast bronze with a color coat. The polished small horses the "Cloud Dancer" series an edition of 750.  The  "Oceans Child" in the middle above was an edition of Seven. " The Torso" to the left  above was a commission located in Newport Beach. The "Standing Figure right above and edition of Seven. The Black Jaguar below a commission for the Jaguar dealership in Newport Beach. The last image at the bottom of this page is Ocean One. It is sited in Cardiff by the Sea Encinitas CA.  The small grey figures in the black side bar are the maquettes for Ocean Two...someday.

The Black patina torso, the above left is a unique sculpture. The large black sculpture above is "Emergence" the center work in an exhibition at the Oceanside Museum of Art in 2015. The black patina torso above right was an edition of two.  The Black Patina sculpture below is "Dancer" this was an edition of Seven. All were finished in a polished patina only this one below, my Artist Proof was finished in black.

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