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The original Horse Power images were done in pencil. In all there are 15 different images. The prints were scanned into Photoshop then colored with the sytlus using a wacom tablet. The prints are 13 x 19 inches all media is archival. 

All of the Horse Project prints are editions of Three. They are hand signed and dated by the artist. They are printed with Epson archival media and will last 80 + years with care. The Images are printed on 13 x 19" paper and the image size will vary according to subject. They should  be framed with glass and one should use archival media for mating.


All of the prints are 200. plus shipping.  

left to right: Horse and  Child, White Horse Lights the Blue Moon, La Mer Luna no. 1, La Mer Luna no. 2

Left to right, Water Horse no. 2 Water Horse no. 1 Horse of Me 

Digital Paintings

The Digital Paintings in this section deal with my concerns with the Environment, the  Aquifers, our Oceans, the air we breathe.  The potential damage of our human activities are impacting our Planet and are evident seen on every news cast. This is not fake news. The Eve Tree is an image denoting the generation of natural growth and is a symbol to which I ascribe purity. The natural pure elements of our earth have been impacted with waste of every conceivable human activity which generates vast amounts of un-recyclable disposed garbage. We are reaping the result in our Oceans, streams, lakes, air, and the flora and fauna of Earth.


The Aquifers are being drained faster than they can be replenished. It has taken thousands of years to have the capacity which they had before the Century turned. Drought is impacting the entire planet in many places which had not been previously in drought geographic areas. This condition will escalate further and the aquifers will then be turned to as the last resort.  


When I was a child there was no smog, the streams were so pure you could drink the water, there were no chemicals in our soil which has been sprayed for decades so that now we really can't plant our own gardens with good earth...


Our "Wants" have created this exponential degradation of our planet. Our "Needs"  are few but we have this compulsive competitive want to have bigger and newer at the cost of our environment. My Children and their children's lives will be very different than ours of the past 80 years.  We pay to drink pure clean water now, will we will have to pay  to breathe clean air?   


We should think about what we are doing, the future of our human race depends upon it. Social Media should get on board with a paradigm shift concerning "Wants" and help make good earth policies "cool".        

Earth Child's  Future

Eve Trees


Eve Tree Resigns

Eve Tree and Aquifer

Eve Tree and Me 

Using a Wacom tablet and Stylus, I hand draw and paint using Photoshop and my own photographs. My printer is an Epson 2200 which is not manufactured anymore and it still runs like a champ. Hopefully it will be my best friend in printmaking for many more years. The inks and paper are Epson media as well and the prints should with good care last for 80+ years.


The images are my creations, and go through many iterations before I smile. Then the work of proofing clarity, color, sharpness and hue are taken through many proofs before printing. The prints are 13 x 19 inches. All prints are editions of 3.


The Aquifers

Left to right above



Last Resort Gone

Aquifer Falling

Transformation (center)

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